10 Megan
Artist: Dan Meredith
Words and Music by Dan Meredith
Megan was her daddy’s girl
She loved that man so much
She lived upon his caring words
And thrived upon his touch
Now he seemed so far from her
Busy serving the Lord
Why did she feel so empty?
Did daddy love her anymore?

Megan’s pain runs deep
Too young to know why
And daddy can not see
He caused her heart to die

The work he did was all worthwhile
But daddy could not see
That Megan’s light was dying
While he served so busily
She had been a good girl
But now something’s changed
The loving little girl is gone
And bitterness remains


He doesn’t like her boyfriend
But then neither does she
Still she needs a man to love her
For who she wants to be
How far will she have to go
To find her daddy’s love?
Will she find it in the tiny life
Inside her from above?


Oh Daddy please come home
A stay a while with me
Tell me that I’m special
Set my spirit free
I’m falling fast I need you
Please come while there’s still time
Only you can save me
Please put your hand in mine

Copyright © 2006 Dan Meredith