03 Teach Me, O Lord
Artist: Dan Meredith
Words and Music by Dan Meredith
What stars do so easily,
Seems to be so hard for me.
I see the things that I should do
To shine a loving light for You.
And yet I fail so miserably,
To be the light I wish to be.
You taught the stars to shine for You,
I need You, Lord, to teach me, too.

You taught the stars to shine for You. Teach me, O Lord!
You taught the birds to sing for your praise. Teach me, O Lord!
You guide the planets in their paths,
You spoke to seas and made them calm,
Guide me and speak to me, O Lord!

The earth moves along her path,
Guided by Your mighty hand.
And yet I often feel afraid,
That I might step outside Your plan.
I need to trust like planets do,
That You will guide me safely, too.
You calmed the seas, please calm my heart,
I give my burdens all to You.


The heavens declare Your Glory
They bring You praise.
May the same be said of me
All of my days.

Copyright © 2006 Daniel M. Meredith II