01 Engraved
Artist: Dan Meredith
Words and Music by Dan Meredith
I see you, sitting there feeling like your alone,
On your own. No one knows your pain.
I know you. I know you think that I’m not around
I can’t be found. I don’t know your name.

I love you. I’ve loved you since the very dawn of time.
To make you mine, I bought you with My life.
I love you. You are on My mind constantly.
Look and see, I engraved you on My hands.

And I know, the scars you’ve hidden deep in your heart,
That tender part you bury deep inside.
But please know, that I have scars that I took for you,
To be with you, to have you by My side.


Please let me, let Me come into your life today.
And let Me say I’ve waited for so long.
I’ll heal you. I’ll heal those wounds that run deep within.
I’ll take you in into My loving arms.

Copyright © 1999 by Daniel M. Meredith II