1 Corinthians 13
Artist: Peter Schrock
intro- C F G C

Cm______Fm__________ Gm________Cm
I could speak in the toughs of men
Cm__________Fm__________ Gm________Cm
and I could speak in the toughs of angels.

But if I don't have love I am nothing I gain nothing at all
Cm______________________Fm__________ Gm__________Cm
and if i don't have love I am only a clanging cymbal.

Cm______________________ Fm__________ Gm________________ Cm
I could have the gift of prophecy and I could fathom all mysteries
Cm______________ Fm____________Gm____________________________Cm
I could have all knowledge and I could have faith that moves mountains.


Cm______Fm__ Gm________________Cm
I could give all I have to the poor
Cm__________Fm__________ Gm__________Cm
and I could surrender my body to the flames