The Balance
Artist: Dave Hershey
The Balance (John 11:26)
Words and Music: Dave Hershey__________Intro A / E / D / A / D / E / A
__________ A__________ E
I believe, I believe
In the balance I receive
______________ D__________________ Db__B______ A__________________ F#__ E
From the Father, from the Spirit, from the Son
__________ A__________E
Every minute, every day
__________ D______________ A
Every word that I pray
____________D________________________ E______________________ A
I know JESUS has died on the cross for me
________D__ E______ D__ E______ D____E______________A
I believe, I believe, I believe, and I receive

__________ A________________ E
I have faith, I have faith
That You’ll take me to a place
____________________ D________Db__B________________ A________ Ab____ F#__ E
Where there will be no more sorrow and no pain
Every hour, and every year
__________________________D__________________ A
You take all my worry and my fear
______ D______________________________ E____________________A
And replaced it with your love and I am saved
__________ D____E__________D____E__________ D____E______________A
I have faith, I have faith, I have faith, and I am saved

__________________ A______________________E
And when I lay down in the night
____________D____________________ E
I know everything’s all right
______ D________________________ E__________________A
The Father, Son, and Spirit is with me
__________ D__ E__________D__E__________ D__E______________A
Is with me, is with me, is with me, and I receive
______D____ E______D____E______D____ E____________ A
I believe, I believe, I believe, and I receive