From Here 2 Eternity
Artist: David Young
As I press up this rocky hill,
Carrying not My own sins, but the world's,
I see the faces, of the people I will save,
Their voices shouting, "He must die, today!",

Forgive them Father,
For they know not what they do,

This crown of thorns for all to see,
They spit, and throw things, and keep mocking Me,
When all I've done was share the Truth,
Upon this cross I drag, My life I'll lose,

For all have sinned,
And fall short of the glory of .......

"God, how I need You now",

Hung by spikes through hands and feet,
Oh Father God, have You forsaken Me,
I've lived Your will until the end,
I trust in You, that I will rise again,

For God so loved the world,
That He gave us His only Son,
That whoever believe in Him,
Shall never perish, but have everlasting life,
For God so loved the world.