Requirements and Terms of Song Acceptance:

Distinctly Christian Policy

This is a Christian Music website. If a song is not distinctly Christian or does not promote Christian ideas it will be denied. A song is considered to be Christian when its lyrics encourage people be attentive to, know, and obey God as He is described in the Christian Bible. Godly Christian Music does not accept generic love songs, songs about the woes of life, or songs with lyrics that are in clear oppositions to the Bible. If a song does not have lyrics see the Instrumental Music Guidelines.

Instrumental Music Guidelines

If a song does not have recognizable words being sung in it, the song must be a known Christian melody (such as an instrumental hymn) or some peaceful tune that promotes rest of heart and meditation. At times, exceptions are made for instrumental songs that don’t quite fit into these general guidelines. Nevertheless, when songs don’t have Christian lyrics, they are much more likely not to be accepted.

100% Legal Policy

Godly Christian Music seeks to honor copyright laws and does not accept music that is illegal. Song recordings that have been copyrighted by a record label and that are typically sold online and in stores will be rejected. In addition, because rerecording copyrighted songs without a mechanical license is illegal, these recordings will also be rejected. Typically, the only songs that are accepted are either original songs written and recorded by the submitting musician(s) or public domain songs (i.e. Hymns) that are recorded by the submitting musician(s). In addition, these artists must agree to allow Godly Christian Music to distribute their songs completely free to the site’s users. In the event that an illegal song slips through the cracks and makes it onto the site, when it is found to be illegal the song will be promptly removed from the site and the submitting artist will be held liable for any penalties associated with the illegal distribution of the song.

Quality Requirements

Both the quality of the recording and the quality of the music is factored into whether or not a song will be accepted to be shared through Godly Christian Music. If a song was recorded live and there is excessive background noise it may be rejected. In addition, if the recording has a loud static hiss, droning rumbling, or cracking and popping it may be rejected as well. The people singing or playing instruments must not be unreasonably out of key or out of tune. Likewise, there can’t be too many distracting mistakes made by the musicians in the recording of the song. If a song is very repetitive, boring, the lyrics aren’t very rich, the song is not skillfully composed, etc... it may be rejected. Overall, there are many factors related to the quality that determine if a song is accepted and there are always exceptions to the guidelines, but Godly Christian Music attempts to keep a relatively high standard for the music it allows on the site.

MP3 Format Required

The only audio file format that is accepted for posting on this site is the mp3 format (NOT m4a, wav, acc, ogg, wma, etc…). You can identify this format by either the extension (songfile.mp3) or in Windows right click the songs and click properties. If your song is not in mp3 format it will need to be converted. There are many free converters available at At times we do provide assistance converting files into the proper format, but it is highly encouraged that you ask your techy friends first for assistance.

Creepy Music Will Be Denied

Godly Christian Music accepts songs from several different genres including, but not limited to folk, jazz, blue grass, pop, rock, and rap. Nevertheless, if the music is scary/creepy sounding or has death metal screaming it will be denied. If your band has skeletons and or has zombie like faces on your website or album cover your music will not be accepted. We serve a God who has made us joyfully alive in Christ Jesus and Godly Christian Music does not accept satanic music with Christian Lyrics.