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Welcome to our Music Download Web-site! Our goal is to bring you Christian songs that will edfy and build you up in the Lord. All the Godly Music on this site is Absolutely Free and you can download it an unlimited number of times.

Want to know where this website came from?


Website’s History:

The idea for making this website started in late 2003 when a brother named Scott Emery in Grand Rapids Michigan wanted to share some music that the Lord had given him. Having learned to play the guitar earlier in life he began focusing his efforts toward blessing the body of Christ by writing many songs that were directly from the bible. During that year, he had also encountered others the Lord blessed musically. The music that these saints had put together was floating around on various tapes and CDs, but as a whole, these songs were only available to a small, scattered group of people throughout the United States. Some of the godly christians Scott had met during this time were Alan Martin, the Fournier Family, and Doug Tanner.

Alan Martin was living in Missouri at the time and had recoded several inspirational songs many years ago. The music was put on a cassette tape and only a very small number of people ever knew it existed. In early 2005, this tape was digitally re-mastered and made public through this website. Since that time, Alan Martin has also recorded a few other songs that are presently on this site as well.
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About a year after meeting Alan Martin, Scott Emery and the other believers in Grand Rapids were introduced to the Fournier Family. They to were also living in Missouri at the time and have over 10 children. Through the years, they have written several songs that they would sing as a family. In 2004, they recorded their music and sent it to several families in Grand Rapids. You can now find the contents of that CD here.
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Around 2003, Scott went to Ohio with a couple other brothers from Grand Rapids to hear a christian man speak about what a New Testament church looks like. While there, Scott was asked to share a couple songs with everyone. Afterwards, he met a guy from Colorado named Doug Tanner who gave him a CD with several songs Tanner had recorded. Doug Tanner had previously recorded a number of songs, but at that point, they were not widely distributed. Scott maintained contact with Doug Tanner over the following year and later when Doug had recorded a second CD, he sent it to Scott. In the summer of 2004 the saints in Ohio, whom Scott had visited in 2003, combined Doug’s two CDs and distributed the compilation CD during one of their conferences. Those CDs ran out quickly, but now you can download free most of Doug Tanner’s music anytime you would like.
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Over time, we here in Grand Rapids had met various other Jesus loving/obeying Christian worshipers like the Smith Family, a Church in Indianapolis, and Barak Bendixen (a.k.a. Brother Bear).

In spring of 2004, we here in Grand Rapids had a visitor from Kenya. After he shared about what the Lord was doing in Kenya, two brothers from Grand Rapids drove him down to southern Michigan so that he could testify there. The next place he would testify would be the Smith Family’s Church and so they all stayed with the Smith Family that night. While they were there, the Children of the Smith Family sang several four-part harmony songs in a cappella. Having been very blessed by the family, contact continued over the following months. Later, one of the brothers who had originally traveled with the man from Kenya spent a week with the Smiths recording their songs and editing some of the songs that had previously been recorded. Now you can find the product of these christians combined efforts here on this website and download them free.
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Right around the time the man can from Kenya, we here in Grand Rapids met the Young family. The Young’s had been reading a lot of material from a church in Indianapolis and had been very excited by their vision of the Church. Over the following months, several saints here in Grand Rapids had received a number of books and various other materials from Indianapolis as well. Among the many helpful and insightful materials, that the Church in Indianapolis sent to us was a worship CD titled “If you believe.” This album is a compiled work of many saints in Indianapolis that stirs deep thought of our walk with Jesus. You can now find this collection on the GodlyChristianMusic website. We received permission from Indianapolis to offer you the free downloads of their worship.
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During the fall of 2004, several christian believers in Grand Rapids went to Flint Michigan to spend some time with a family there named the Ryans. The Ryans invited several people over one night to spend time in prayer and to serve each other. One of the people who came that night was Barak Bendixen. Barak had written several songs and he shared several of them that night. Toward the end of time together, he gave us here in Grand Rapids a CD of his music. Some of his Songs can be downloaded here.
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Over the years, a large number of christian songs have been accumulated by Scott and other believers he knew. In addition, many other saints in Grand Rapids started writing and recording their music. In 2004, Scott started to make efforts to distribute this music via the internet. Working with other brothers, he registered a domain and purchased some hosting space online, but he lacked the time to organize and create the website. Then in Feb 2005, the Lord moved on one of the christian brother’s heart in Grand Rapids to take up the task of compiling the music and designing this website. This website is the product of countless hours devoted in service to the only True Lord, Jesus Christ and so we are glad to give you

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Site Description:

If you are looking for tons of free Christian music to download, your in the right place. Here you will find over 170 songs to listen to in MP3 format. This sight features godly music with all kinds of styles and genres. It has everything from A cappella to fancy instrumentals with vocals. All these great Christian songs were produced by people who have a testimony of deliverance from the Devils powerful trap of sin. You will find that a lot of the great free Christian music on this sight are scripture songs (i.e. they come straight out of the bible). Our main desire with this site is to give away, free, the great Godly music the Lord has given us. In addition, to do it in such a way that it is available for people all around the world. Therefore, we have taken the time to make it possible to download or listen to all these wonderful songs from the internet. We hope that this Christian website that is full of free godly songs, blesses and encourages you to stay focused on Christ at all times.

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